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Window Tinting
Vehicle Window Tinting

Vehicle Window Tinting Blackpool

Blackpool window tinting are experts in the tinting and darkening of automotive vehicles. We offer a wide range of window tints including limo tint to give your car a stealth like appearance. Window tinting not only improves the look of your car but also keeps it cooler in the summer months. Ideal if you are travelling with young children or pets our window tinting reduces heat in the vehicle and harmful UV Rays.

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Domestic Window Tinting Blackpool

Domestic Window Tinting Blackpool

We install domestic window tinting to glass of all shapes and sizes. We offer many different types of window films including Mirror solar, bronze solar, smoked and a wide range of standard films in different shades. Mirror UV film is designed to reflect light and heat which will keep room much cooler in the summer months. It also keeps your room warmer in the winter months saving you money on your energy bills. UV Film reduces glare and prevents the fading of furnishings from the sun.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting Blackpool

We provide window tinting solution for any types of commercial building. We install high quality window tinting to office blocks large and small, industrial units, shops, restaurants and hotels. Keeping your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter our window tinting service will save you money on your heating / air conditioning bills. If its got glass Blackpool Window Tinting can produce window tinting to your exact requirements.

Conservatory Window Tinting

Conservatory Window Tinting Blackpool

Keep your conservatory cooler in summer and warmer in winter! Your conservatory is like a greenhouse trapping heat. As sunlight passes through the roof and sides the temperature will increase very quickly. This will make it quite uncomfortable in sunny or warm weather. We can install a range of films which will reflect heat keeping your conservatory cooler. In the winter months the film acts the opposite way trapping heat in the room saving you money. Not only do our tint systems make your conservatory more private they also lessen the effect of the sun and UV preventing the fading of furniture and decor.

Solar Tinting

Solar Tinting Blackpool

Solar films reflect heat and UV from the sun keeping rooms cooler in summer. UV Films protect your interior furnishing and decor from harmful Ultra Violet rays reflecting them back rather than absorbing them. In cooler months UV window films also save you money on heating bills as they trap the heat in the room. Window film also protects from broken glass, preventing it from breaking into small pieces if smashed or damaged.

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